There are plenty of reasons to keep your roof strong and healthy, some of which include:
  • Protection - The continued protection from weather conditions of all varieties.
  • Keeping your energy costs low - Your roof plays a huge part in your home’s overall efficiency, and a weak roof can cause heat or cold air to escape.
  • Safety - Your roof keeps you protected from weather, but may need maintenance now and again to ensure that it doesn’t become a safety hazard in itself by threatening collapse.
  • Preventing water damage - Even a small hole in your roof can allow huge amounts of water to pour into your attic. From here, this water can create huge water stains in your ceiling, compromise the integrity of your walls, and eventually even cause a negative impact on your house’s foundation.
Keeping your roof strong and in good shape is a must if you want your home to work its best in the coming years. To learn more about roof repair and maintenance, call Johnson Roofing Co. in Chico.