Skylight Installations and Repairs

Installing Gorgeous Skylights in Chico Homes

Skylights are an impressive feature in any home. Few other luxuries offer the natural light and beautiful view that these fixtures can provide, but if you are looking for a contractor to provide installation in Chico, you might be struggling to find the right professional. Johnson Roofing Co. offers repair and installation services to clients throughout the Chico area. Whether you are planning to install yours in a commercial or residential building, we will make it look spectacular and ensure that the final result is just as durable as it is attractive. Trust us for any and all contractor services dealing with skylights.

Choose from Fixed, Tubular or Roof Windows

There are many different kinds of skylights that you can install in your home or office. Your choice will likely depend on a range of factors, including building regulations and ventilation requirements. No matter which you decide on, you will surely appreciate the natural light and gorgeous view that it offers. The three primary types are the following:
  • Fixed: No ventilation necessary and a good choice for unreachable areas
  • Tubular: Ideal for enclosed spaces and easily installed
  • Roof windows: Easy to clean and great for any room
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Serving Butte Valley, Durham & Beyond

A skylight can be a gorgeous feature to add to any home or office. If you are considering installing one in Chico and on the hunt for a skylight contractor, Johnson Roofing Co. is the top choice for installation and repair services in the greater Durham area. We also serve clients in Butte Valley, Richvale, Hamilton City, Lake Almanor, Princeton, Willows and Los Molinos. You can also call us if you need leak detection or roof repair, so reach out to us at 530-894-5507 to schedule an appointment with one of our contractors in the area.